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We know that change can be hard. As the world's great philosophers have told us, we are but pebbles in a stream.

And that stream is named progress. And those pebbles are major software updates.

Okay, no philosopher actually said that. But even so, the new C2 is calling to you. It's saying: Try me.

  • A new Dashboard that makes it easier to keep track of strategy performance
  • "One-Click-Sim" - Simulate any strategy on the site, to see how it might perform.
  • New Watch Lists - including the ability to create more than one Watch List at a time.

Ready to embrace progress and use the new C2? (You can always come back here if you don't like it.)

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If you're a software developer, we encourage you to write software using Collective2 infrastructure and APIs. Whether you are interested in building an application for your own private use, or a product or service that you intend to offer to others, we're here to help you with your development effort.

Developer APIs

Collective2 API v3

Includes Signal Entry API, Strategy Access API, Private Platform API, and more. (Learn more)


Submit signals via email

Not really a Developer API, but perhaps useful for certain automation efforts: there is a way to send us signals via a specially formatted email. Due to the slow speed of email, this is obviously not meant for anything but non-urgent signal entry (i.e. end-of-day or once-per-day signals). Learn more

AutoTrading API (C2ATI)

The C2ATI allows software developers to create interfaces to brokerages, to enable automatic trading of Collective2 signals. (Learn more)

C2 Software Developer Forum

The C2 Software Developer forum is a place where software developers can exchange ideas and ask questions about writing C2-compatible software. (Go to C2 Software Developer Forum)

Older crap you still might want to see:

We'll continue to support your older development efforts that use our earlier APIs. Links to older documentation follow. If you are starting a new development project, please use the newest API (above).

API version 1 documentation

Data Services API version 1 - All functionality in the old C2 Data Services (C2DS) API is now available in the new API v3.