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We know that change can be hard. As the world's great philosophers have told us, we are but pebbles in a stream.

And that stream is named progress. And those pebbles are major software updates.

Okay, no philosopher actually said that. But even so, the new C2 is calling to you. It's saying: Try me.

  • A new Dashboard that makes it easier to keep track of strategy performance
  • "One-Click-Sim" - Simulate any strategy on the site, to see how it might perform.
  • New Watch Lists - including the ability to create more than one Watch List at a time.

Ready to embrace progress and use the new C2? (You can always come back here if you don't like it.)

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It's important you read about Common Pitfalls of AutoTrading.

List of supported brokers

About AutoTrading

AutoTrading lets you choose any strategy on this Web site and have its trades placed automatically in your real-life brokerage account.

AutoTrade features include:

  • Trade any strategy.

    You can AutoTrade any strategy you see on this Web site.

  • You control trade size.

    Set a maximum number of contracts, or maximum dollar value for stocks.

  • Trade multiple strategies at once.

    You can AutoTrade as many trading strategies as you like in one brokerage account – even if the strategies trade the same things, and even if the strategies trade in opposite directions!

  • Trade anything.

    AutoTrade supports stocks, options, futures, and forex.

  • Monitor trades, positions, and profit-and-loss in real time.

    You can log in to this Web site and see all your trading status on one screen.

  • Intervene whenever you want.

    You can close positions early to take a profit, or to stop a loss. See a trade you like? Increase its size. (Or decrease the size of trades you don't like.)*

  • AutoSync technology keeps your account "synced up."

    If you've been around computers and the Internet for any length of time, you know that "bad stuff happens." Brokers' servers go down. They come back up. Internet connections fail. They get restored. We aren't surprised by "bad stuff"; we expect it. And we've designed AutoTrade to overcome it. Our advanced AutoSync technology is constantly monitoring your real-life brokerage account, and comparing it to what you should have in the account, based on your instructions and the trading strategies trade record. We will adjust your account automatically to make sure you stay in sync with your chosen strategies. Which means that even if something unexpected happens, you can expect that AutoSync will take care of you.

  • Automatic Stop Losses.

    Our servers will automatically place a stop loss order for each position opened by your trading strategy, at whatever dollar amount you specify. This happens regardless of whether the trading-strategy uses its own stop losses. (Stop Loss orders may not limit your losses in all market conditions.)

  • Easy to use.

    If you can press a button, you can set up AutoTrading. Just surf around this Web site. When you find a strategy you like, press the AutoTrade button.